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4 Methods to Build a Successful Business Team

Businesses must strategically build teams comprising of highly qualified employees with combined multidisciplinary skillsets. This is critical for any company, especially start-ups if you want to translate your dream into a reality. Below are some tips and strategies for building a strong, robust team for your early-stage start-up composed of the top talent:

1. Find the Right Match

Traditional hiring methods might be ideal for large companies with human resources departments and resources for recruiting. However, for an early-stage start-up, it is important for founders to customize their team to find key players that would best reflect the needs of the company. Finding an engineering lead, a marketer, or your first program manager who understands what you want to accomplish in your company is no easy feat. With limited time and funding, adding pressure on entrepreneurs, it is easy to quickly hire the first potential hire you meet who is excited about your idea. However, this can be a huge mistake that could cost you down the road. Take your time and learn more about the candidates. Learn more about their previous work experience, values, and work ethics, as well as their long- and short-term professional goals. Notably, can they work well under pressure, in a fast-paced environment, and handle crazy working schedules when necessary? Make sure to cover your basis thoroughly before saying “yes” to your first employees.

2. Hire Talent that Reflects the Needs of the Company

Your “A-team” should match the current needs of the business and constantly change as you encounter new challenges and growth. For example, if you are developing a prototype, you may not need a marketer for now; therefore, do not advertise the position. On the other hand, if your product or service is ready for commercialization, hiring a legal and marketing team is vital. As the start-up grows, the different roles available will change, and you want that to happen too, as the founder. Constantly check-in to make sure you have the right team and skillsets necessary in place periodically to make sure the right people are on board based on your company’s current development and goals.

3. Use Your Network

There is power in communicating with people and recruiting talent within your network. For instance, word of mouth is an ideal method to find good employees while building your team. The top talent in your network will help link you to the best of the best. Instead of working with expensive hiring firms for your first few hires, ask people around you for recommendations. Since finding the first few hires is the toughest so you want to make sure you have the right people in place. Ask yourself:

  • Does the person have the right temperament?

  • Do they have the ideal business skills to work in your start-up?

  • How well do they fit in the position?

4. Use a Slow Hiring Process

The saying, “hire slow, fire fast” cannot be any more than true! A start-up business needs people who understand the company’s culture and have the right mentality toward business growth. Poor hiring decisions will leave you frustrated and mentally drained. Therefore, focus on a slow, but sure hiring process.

Building a successful team for your start-up will take a lot of time and effort. Be patient with this process since this will pay off in the long run. Learn more tips and tricks on how to hire the best talent for your start-up in Train Like a Scientist, Think Like an Entrepreneur (available on Amazon today).

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